Transcription from a conversation with PhD Ben Minkus, FEE (Flat Earth Expert):

"In a recent study I have conducted, it shows, that if you were on the bottom end of the Earth, you would fall out into infinite space. All the water from the Earth would be drained out and forcing all living creatures on the planet to die. And if this was a true fact of the Earth being round, all the water would fly out and land on the Sun, evaporating it, to leave no life left to live. Whilst researching, I found that the Earth is like a metaphorical plate, It keeps everything on the top. Say, in theory, you would flip the plate upside down, making a sphere, everything would fall out. For example, if you were in CA, USA, and you were taking a plane to Japan, Tokyo, and if you start flying around the so called 'round' Earth instead of curving, you would just fly straight into infinite space and die. But the true facts are that you cannot go past the invisible border of the flat Earth. Researchers have tried to explore the edge of the flat Earth, but have mysteriously would up on the other side of the flat Earth. None have visibly seen this invisible 'portal', my research shows according to FOX News, that this is due to the Big Bang (Big Bang Theory, 2007)."

More facts that show the Earth is flat:

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? Then you will know that the moon is the same size in the sky as the sun, because the corona of the sun just barely reaches around the moon. So-called "Scientists" explain this as the moon to sun size being 400:1, however us intellectuals know it is actually fake. There is no way 400 moons would fit into the Sun. Just look at it, if it's the same size, how could it fit 400 times?? Now other "scientists" say that this is because of our perspective and the Sun is further away than the Moon. How would that be possible if the sky is a flat dome encircling our flat Earth? It wouldn't. -Hollywood, 2021
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Image of Ben Minkus doing research.

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