Here are some 3D renders I've made with various software programs.


Bubbles over a plane

This image is a 6400x4800 render I made using POV-Ray 3.7. I made the material used for the bubbles and the fog myself.


Orange next to a glass of water

My first render using the Render-Boy software under MacOS 9.2.2 on my Dual 800MHz G4 Quicksilver. I used some of the refraction and reflection tools, as well as specular reflection settings when making this render. After rendering this one, I touched it up using Photoshop 7 also on the same computer. It looked better on the CRT!

Infini-D 4.5

Toroid and twisted cube

This is my first render using the Infini-D 4.5 software also on the Dual 800MHz G4 Quicksilver under Classic mode in OSX 10.4.11. The render took only a couple minutes to complete with full raytracing a 1280x960. I set up a network renderfarm with Infini-D 4.5 as well using all my PPC Macs with the Quicksilver as the host machine to use in the future for High-Res renders.

Carrara 5

Spheres on a plane

Using full raytracing, caustics, and volumetrics in Carrara 5.

Bryce 7.1 Pro

Purple island with floating multicolored donuts in an ocean with a UFO beam coming down from space.

A render done in Bryce 7.1 Pro. Rendering took about 11 minutes.


Pink and green bloom

Made out of some sort of attractor in Chaoscope.

Moray Now!